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Mota, the tiny pug & Margo Imako

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The event has been extended, so it will run during the whole week, ending on Sunday, Feb 28th at 7:00 pm.

If you’re a female avatar and like steampunk style, you probably know Steambound shop. But if you aren’t into steampunk, maybe you know this shop because of the generosity of its owner, Margo Imako, who often gives away many of her creations in Midnight Manias, hunts and so. At Steambound you can find awesome corsets, gowns and other costumes. Mostly Victorian, Steampunk, and Gothic styles.

And why am I talking about Steambound?

Margo Imako  was diagnosed with Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of the Appendix and had an initial surgery to debulk tumors in September. She will be having another MOAS (Mother of All Surgeries)  at the end of February but its very expensive. Margo just recently turned 40 years old and has three small children and a husband (SL’s Maastrichian Aeon) at home. The surgery is a must have for her.

That’s the reason for the Montana Gold Rush event, in which we’re taking part.

The benefit will kick off February 19th 2010, at 5:00 pm SL time opening with a concert by the SL Def Leppard . The event will run through the weekend (Saturday and Sunday, February 20th and 21st) with live DJ’s around the clock. On the evening of February 21st, we will wrap it up with another concert.

There will be multiple shopping booths with limited and exclusive creations available just in this event.

And we made something very special for this event, and it is special for two reasons: it’s our FIRST TINY AVATAR available for sale and it’s named after our brother’s pet, Mota, a crazy but cute pug. Mota, the tiny pug will only be available at the Montana Gold Rush event, so if you like it, you can’t miss our first and exclusive tiny for 300L. All proceeds of this item will go to help Margo Imako, and that’s the best reason to get it 🙂

Mota has two different heads: one panting head and ne scripted head with 7 different emotes: angry, smiling, sad, normal, open mouth, and two with the tongue hanging out from its mouth. To change the expression you have to click on the head and you will get a menu so that you can choose the one you want. It also has a panting sound that can be turned off and on clicking on Mota’s body.

To go to the Montana Gold Rush event, click here. The slurl was made right in front of our booth, but don’t forget to visit all the other booths!!

(click on the images for a larger view)

Mota Montana Poster

Mota 01

Mota 02

Mota 03 - get away from my bone



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