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Since we discontinued the old superhero avatars we got tons of IMs asking for them, telling us to sell them privately. The answer is that we retired the avies and if they’re not available in the shop is because we don’t sell them anymore, not even privately. The old superhero avatars won’t be available at least, in the near future.

A lot of people have asked the reason for doing that. There’s a whole story behind, but as a short answer:

We got fed up of  the problem of copyright in SL.We got tired of being often mentioned when some people talked about the issue when there are thousands of shops selling copyrighted stuff or copycats from real life designs. There was a lot of misinformation about the shop and people took as truth things that never happened.

So we decided to change the shop direction, retire the old avatars and make our own sci-fi and fantasy creations.

But there are two important things you must understand:

First. We never got any DMCA filed against us. Nobody sued us.

Second. Nobody sent us a cease and desist. Nobody asked us to stop selling our avatars. It was our own decision.

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About the Old Avatars

If you have doubts or want to know what happened with our old avatars, click here.

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