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S.I.P.H. Male Avatar


S.I.P.H. Male Avatar

Price: 500L

Perms: copy/modify/no transfer

Price: 500L$

Includes: Android costume in five colour versions: dark blue, light blue, fuchsia, green and orange


S.I.P.H Male Vendor


Armored Assault Warrior


Armored Assault Warrior

Price: 500L
Perms: copy/modify*/no transfer

*Some of the armour parts (helmet,  right forearm and left forearm) had to be changed to no mod because of a script we used. However, it also includes a box with these items with modify perms but unscripted.

Includes: Armour (removable mask using chat command), missile launcher and forearm guns (not scripted), shooting fx jets, flight assistant, scripted hands (relaxed and fist positions), walking sound and skin (partial skin, it just has the face and hood matching the clothes painted on it. Probably it will be an update for SL 2.0).

Compatible with ## CI ## Armored Warrior AO (read the information at the end of the post)

(click on the images for a larger view)

Armored Assault Warrior Male Vendor


Dark Elf Male Avatar

Dark Elf Male Avatar
Price: 500L
Perms: copy/modify/no transfer
Includes: Armour, battle skirt, bracers, boots, cape, cowl, mask, clothes, piercing, scimitars
(2 decorative, attached to the belt and 2 more for the hands, none of them are scripted) and daggers (decorative, attached to the right arm. Not scripted), shape, skin, hair, sculpted ears and eyes.

(click on the images for a larger view)

Dark Elf Male Avatar Vendor


The black carved leather armour is fully sculpted. It has metallic studs and buttons, as well as some straps. It’s a highly detailed armour.

male dark elf - frontside detailChest piece and belt detail

male dark elf - boots and arm detailsboots and arm detail

male dark elf - cape detailcape and cowl (cowl is unscripted)

male dark elf - head detailYou can have different looks: you can use the cowl (it looks better if don’t use the hair and mask with it) or the prim mask. In this pic you can see the nose piercing, linked to the ear.

male dark elf - scimitars detailScimitars detail. As mentioned above, they are unscripted. You can add your own scripts, as they are modifiable.

male dark elf - clothes detailThese are the clothes under the armour. They just have some wrinkles painted and buttons on the pants.

male dark elf - skin detailSkin detail


IANOS Male Avatar


IANOS Male Avatar

Price: 400L
Perms: copy/modify/no transfer

Includes: Full body cyber suit available in SEVEN colors (black, green, light blue, orange, strawberry, white and white scratched), boots (color change scripted), arms attachments (IANOS logo and several flags), skin, shape and eyes.

(click on the images for a larger view)

IANOS Male Vendor


Armored Warrior Male Avatar

Armored Warrior Male Avatar
Price: 400L
Perms: copy/modify/no transfer
Includes: Colour change armour (scripted and
removable mask using chat command), repulsor with damage, (activated in chat), jets, flight assistant, custom AO and skin (not complete, it just has the face and hood matching the clothes painted on it. Probably there will be an update for SL 2.0).

(click on the images for a larger view)

Armored Warrior Male Vendor

Male Warrior AV - helmet

Male Warrior AV - helmet2

The mask on the helmet can be removed using a chat command. The skin included is not complete, it just has the face and hood matching the clothes painted on it. Probably there will be an update for SL 2.0.

Male Warrior AV - chest

The chest orb has also some options. Click on it and you’ll get a menu with the different options: light on/off, intensity, etc.

Male Warrior AV - legs

Male Warrior AV - repulsor

The repulsors (to shoot you have to enter mouse view and left click.) produce damage in the places you’re allowed to. They’re activated/deactivated by commands.

Male Warrior AV - AO

The AO (ZHAOII) includes several animations: fly, hover, hover down, prejump, jump, landing, run and three different stands.

Male Warrior AV - AO2

It also includes a hud of flight assistance, that removes the flight restrictions and makes it fly higher and faster. And a couple of jets that are activated when flying.

Male Warrior AV - tintable

 The armor and the clothers are tintable. The armour has two different kind of pieces: darker and lighter, and they change their color using a script, but in a different way:

· The darker parts of the armor can be color changed just clicking them. Then a menu will appear, allowing a huge variety of color selections. We advise that once you change the color for the desired part click on the “ignore” button before you proceed to change the color of another part.
· The Main color of the lighter parts can be easily changed. Just type in the chat the color that you want to use.
Example”main gray”

Available colors for the lighter parts:
main red
main orange
main ltorange
main dkorange
main pink
main blue
main ltblue
main dkblue
main yellow
main ltyellow
main dkyellow
main white
main purple
main ltpurple
main dkpurple
main green
main ltgreen
main dkgreen
main black
main ltgray
main gray
main dkgray


Barbarian Male Avatar

Barbarian Male Avatar
Price: 400L
Perms: copy/modify/no transfer
Includes: Costume
(shoulder pad with straps, belt with cloth, bracers, boots, horned mask, clothes), axe (not scripted), shape, skin and eyes.

(click on the images for a larger view)

Barbarian Male Avatar Vendor

male barbarian - chest detail

The shoulder pad is fixed through big metallic hoops and straps that go from the chest hoop to the one at the back. The front hoop has also some feathers hanging.

male barbarian - belt detail

The belt is made up a big piece of iron and a leather belt. The belt has two pouches on the right side and a fishnet bag with a skull in it on the left side.

male barbarian - helmet detail

The iron mask has huge horns and a leather strap on the back side.

male barbarian - boots detail

Leather boots detail

male barbarian - axe detailAxe (not scripted), also with feather decoration

male barbarian - skin detail

The skin, shape and eyes are also included. It has scars on the face and chest and a red tribal tattoo on the front and back. The leather pants are included, as well as the leather gloves shown in the other pictures.


X.E.I. Male Avatar

X.E.I. Male Avatar
Price: 300L
Perms: copy/modify/no transfer
Includes: Armour in red and black, another color change armour (scripted), clothes and shape.

(click on the images for a larger view)

XEI Male Avatar Vendor

Male XEI

This is the main color combination of the X.E.I. armour: black and red. In a different box you have the scripted armour so that you can change its colors. Scroll down to the end of the post to see the scripted armour.

Male XEI - clothes detail

The clothes included in the avatar are: shirt, pants and gloves. It also includes a recommended shape, but the prim items are modifiable so that you can adjust them to your own shape.

Male XEI - helmet detail

Male XEI - chest detail

Male XEI - belt and arm detail

Male XEI - boots detail

Male XEI - tintable

The box also includes a color change armour. It has a script that works on touch. You have to click on the piece you want to recolor and you will get a menu with the different colors available. Some of the pieces will keep their original black/dark grey tone as you can see in the image above.


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