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The Om Nom Hunt

Today The On Nom Hunt has started and we’re participating!

This grid-wide hunt starts today and ends on March 30th. You have to look for cheeseburgers filled with food-themed goodness. If you want to do the whole hunt you have to teleport to the starting point at the OmNomHunt HQ. There you will find the first cheeseburguer, buy it for 0L and you will get a folder with the prize and the landmark for the next location. If I’m right, there should be about 32 stores in this hunt.

For more information about the hunt, stores participating and reviews of the prizes, check the Om Nom Hunt blog

And what will you get if you find the cheeseburguer at Boxed Heroes? A cute cat robot that dispenses sushi, fully sculpted, animated and with sounds.

(click on the images for a larger view)

Om Nom hunt 01 whiter

Om Nom hunt 05  whiter

Once you rezz the Robocat on the ground, click on its tummy.

Om Nom hunt 04 whiter

Then a music will start, the door will open and three trays with six different kinds of sushi will slide out.

Om Nom hunt 03 whiter

Each kind of sushi has a small sign with its name. Then you will get a blue menu so that you can choose the one you want.

Om Nom hunt 02 whiter

Once you click, the trays will slide in, the door will close, you will get your sushi and the cat will say “Itadakimasu”‘. It’s a Japanese custom to say before eating which means “Thank you for this meal”. You can wear the sushi, that will attach to your mouth.

Om Nom hunt 06

Enjoy the hunt!



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