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Female Warrior Avatar


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We also have a free female avatar available, the Female Warrior Avatar, sort of fantasy warrior.

The avatar includes shape, skin, prim hair, clothes, non scripted sword and claws, clothes, boots and other sculpted attachments and an AO. The items are copy/modify/no transfer.

The skin has a face tattoo on the left side and purple make up and it  just comes in a single skin tone.

The prim hair in raspberry colour is tied up in a short ponytail and it also has a hair decoration (not linked to the hair, so that you can wear it separately, using your own hair).

female warrior close up
female warrior eyes shut

Regarding the clothes and other accessories, the avatar comes with a brown hoodie hat, a gold collar, two belts: one on the chest and another belt on the hips. The gold collar and chest belt are linked, so bear this in mind if you need to resize any of these parts. You have to click on ‘edit linked parts’ from the edit menu if you want to resize the belt or the collar separately. On the shoulder the warrior wears an armour piece and another on the chest, decorated with three hanging feathers. I specially love the boots and the matching bracers that can be used with other outfits.

female warrior front
female warrior back

Special mention to the cool scissor claws, made by a friend that also has a space at Boxed Heroes main shop. At  Lithium Works you will find other awesome creations. Don’t forget to check his great items when you go to Boxed Heroes!!

female warrior resting


Arabian Armour (Male)


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One of the free avatars you can find at the shop is this Arabian Armour. The avatar is perfect for medieval role play (it was firstly made for a rp sim long time ago) or to take nice pics in some Arabian settings you can find in the grid, I found great ones just typing Al-Andalus in search.
All the items are copy/modify/no transfer and it includes shape, skin, clothes (chainmail) and sculpted prims for the armour parts, the boots and some clothes.

Patio de los leones

The prim clothes (on the helmet and the belt) have two colour versions: red (as you can see in the picture above) and blue (shown in the following pic).


The helmet also has four different versions, combining the two colours mentioned, except one of them that comes without cloth.


Finally, the bracers and greaves also have two options: plain and with decorative reliefs. You can combine all the armour pieces in different ways to get different looks for the armour.
You can get this free avatar at the freebies section in Boxed Heroes shops.




List of Avatars Available


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