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Here you have some important information about the shop and our creations.

All the avatar parts are modify/copy/no transfer, but some of the items can be no modify due to the scripts they contain.

Some of the parts can change permissions once they are rezzed, so we encourage to make a copy of the item you want to rezz before doing it. We also recommend to keep a copy of the box containing the avatar because of possible inventory loss or mistakes while editing.

We don’t sell any of the avatars or items with full perms.

We are sorry, but we don’t sell any of the items included in the avatars separately because it will be hard to set a price for each of these items.

Due to lack of time available, we can’t do custom work at the moment. That means that we don’t do modifications to the avatars and that we can’t do exclusive avatars for a single user, sim or role play group, etc.

We do accept suggestions for future releases. If you would like to see any avatar in the shop it will be great to know but bear in mind it doesn’t guarantee we will do it.

As the avatars are no transfer we can’t offer refunds. We just can give your money back in case of double purchases. Please be really sure about what you want to buy before doing it.

We offer support for the avatars available at the shops. If you lose any avatar/item or made any mistake modifying any of the parts you can ask the owners another copy. We always recommend to keep a copy of the avatar boxed.

In case of a failed transaction please contact us as fast as possible stating at least the day the transaction took place. Once we check the transactions history and find the failed transaction we will send you the avatar/item you tried to purchase.
In case we can’t find that failed transaction we suggest to send a ticket to Linden Lab asking for your money loss.

We can’t offer support in the following cases:

Some of the avatars have been discontinued. We don’t offer support for those avatars at the moment.
As we have no way to know if an account is really an alter we can’t send the avatars/items you purchased with an account to any of your alters.
As group gifts and lucky chair and hunt prizes are limited there won’t be support for them either. Once the avatar/item is set for sale or discontinued we can’t resend them in case you lose it. An exception will be if you lose any of the parts but you can prove you have the rest of the avatar.
Regarding lucky chair prizes we can’t send you the avatar/item if you sit on the chair but don’t receive the item because of lag. An exception would be if the owners are at the shop when this happens.

There are no updates of the avatars available at the shop at the moment, but there can be some in the future. Updates will be sent to the people who bought the original avatar with no additional charge. Updates will announced through the group and we will check transactions history to send the updated avatars to every costumer who got the previous version/s of the avatar. If you own one of the avatars that has been updated and miss the new version, contact us to get it.


If you want to give as a gift one of our creations to somebody you can make the purchase through xstreet, clicking on the following link
But if you don’t want to use xstreet you can also contact kagabandurriasconcuerdas Flanagan about this. He will send the avatar/item to the person you wish.

You can join our group to receive information about our new releases, lucky chair prizes and possible group gifts.
Joining is completely free and you can find the group typing BOXED HEROES in the search tab. There’s also a group inviter in the main shop.

Spamming the group won’t be tolerated and will be cause of ban. You can use group chat to ask information about the shop, but it will be better to send an IM to the owners to avoid bothering other group members. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Every time we place the lucky chair at the shop we will announce it through the group and possibly through other freebie groups. The chair will usually available at the shop just for 24 hours and ending time will be specified in the notecards sent.

We recommend to go to the shop to try your luck with a reduced number of prims and no scripts to avoid lag as much as possible. Lag may cause that the chair doesn’t work properly and there could be problems delivering the prizes. If somebody has a problem with non delivered prize, we can’t send the avatar unless we are at the shop when that happens.
Please behave while waiting for your letter. We are all supposed to be adults. We won’t tolerate griefers at the shop and they will be banned, but if we’re not at the shop when griefment takes place, we suggest reporting the griefer to Linden Lab.

Some freebies such as group gifts, lucky chair prizes or hunt items are limited offers. Please don’t ask them when the time of the offer has expired.
We have some permanent freebies available at the shop. Those are clearly marked as freebies. Please do not ask us to give you any other avatar/item available at the shop for free. If we would like to give them for free their price would be 0L.

We do not offer commissioned vendors at the moment.

Note that at the main shop there are other items that belong to some friends at the back of the building. There are some discontinued white lines that separate BOXED HEROES items from the creations by other designers and a hanging sign that shows where the BOXED HEROES FRIEND zone starts.

We are not responsible of their items , so if you have any problem with any purchase/item that belong to any of those designers, please check the creator or seller and contact him/her.

We don’t have vendor spaces available to rent, the ones available have been offered to our friends for free.


If you have any other questions or doubts, please contact kagabandurriasconcuerdaas Flanagan or Goti Soderstrom.

Thank you so much,




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