Armored Assault Warrior


Armored Assault Warrior

Price: 500L
Perms: copy/modify*/no transfer

*Some of the armour parts (helmet,  right forearm and left forearm) had to be changed to no mod because of a script we used. However, it also includes a box with these items with modify perms but unscripted.

Includes: Armour (removable mask using chat command), missile launcher and forearm guns (not scripted), shooting fx jets, flight assistant, scripted hands (relaxed and fist positions), walking sound and skin (partial skin, it just has the face and hood matching the clothes painted on it. Probably it will be an update for SL 2.0).

Compatible with ## CI ## Armored Warrior AO (read the information at the end of the post)

(click on the images for a larger view)

Armored Assault Warrior Male Vendor


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